Creating a Digital Story for your class

For my Technology class, I worked with three other women to create a digital story.  We chose to do a parody on a song from Little Mermaid.  We first familiarized ourselves with a Little Mermaid song and lyrics so that all of us knew the melody.  We then modified the words to have her longing to be in a world without technology.  We then grabbed a bunch of Little Mermaid pictures from the web that were labeled for reuse.  We also grabbed various technology pictures that were labeled for reuse.  We put them into a PowerPoint presentation.

We modified the Little Mermaid pictures by placing iphones, computers, blue tooth (technology) in accordance with our modified lyrics on each Little Mermaid picture/slide.  We also modified several pictures of our team so that we could place our faces into the ppt slides using PIXLR photo editor tool.  We strategically placed the pictures in order with they way our modified lyrics and practiced singing to each slide.

We used the Microsoft movie editor to record our voices singing the lyrics while syncing to the specific ppt slide.  We posted our video to YouTube to show to our classmates.

What an easy tool to use to voice over our ppt slides.  I think the video turned out great.  For four adults never using any of the technology, I believe our students can use this tool to create videos as a class project.  What a wonderful method to introduce technology to our students.


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