Flipped Classroom for lines and angles: ED 554 Classroom exercise


The link above is to my example of a flipped classroom.  Use this code e5RDAq

I used Imovie from a Mac laptop to make my presentation from powerpoint slides that I created.  I then loaded the entire movie to Edpuzzle to incorporate questions to ensure the students could understand the concept before coming to class the next day.

I had a very difficult time talking by myself without any interaction from students.  I am very much an interactive teacher and have a difficult time when the students are very quiet.  Therefore it felt like I was teaching to a class where the students were not responsive!  It was very weird and felt like the lesson was very boring.  Plus I made many mistakes because it felt off.  It was definitely very weird experience.

I would try the showme app on the Ipad.  That technology looked more like me because it allows you to draw while on your slides while talking.  It felt more like that app could provide me more collaboration instead of just talking to slides.  I did not like my lesson because it felt like a lecture, which it was.  But with the showme app, I think it would come across more interactive and more fun.


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